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The deconstruction of buildings, bridges and other structures is tough work and calls for strong, sturdy and durable equipment with supreme control. Primary demolition is all about reach and power, so our Ultra High-Reach (HR) excavators have booms from 21-32 meters, equipped with attachments from 2-3.5 tons – helping you get the job done. For lower-level projects, our Straight Boom excavators offer the highest levels of performance and safety. Do you need to demolish a commercial building? While this is an exciting start to a new chapter for your business, you also need to take the time to plan properly for your business, your safety, and the future of the property. How? Here are a few key steps.

Demolition Method: There is more than one way to bring down an old building. While demolition may involve wholesale destruction of the structure, it can also be more selective. Deconstruction is a method that involves strategically tearing down the building from the inside out. This method may be beneficial if you need to continue doing business at the site while construction is going on. However it will require more time.The decision between deconstruction and straight demolition is up to the needs of the business, its time frame, and how selective the destruction needs to be.
Minimize The Impact: How will the demolition affect your company as a whole? The impact could be financial. In this case, you may want to remove and resell as much as possible to mitigate the costs. The impact could also be in the form of work interruption. You may be able to minimize this impact by scheduling nearby employees or departments to work remotely for a few days or even take leave at the height of the disruption.Will you experience interruption in your business income when losing the old building? The best way to handle this may be to set up temporary offices or work sites in a different location. This should be done as far in advance of destruction as possible in order to settle in properly.

Keep Everyone Safe: When any building is going to be destroyed, your first priority should be the people around it. If the commercial building is on your plant site or placed next to working buildings, employees or customers may get too close for comfort. Trespassers may even enter to salvage valuable metals or other objects.
If the building hasn’t already been condemned, it should generally be sealed to outside entry once demolition has been scheduled. Divert customers away from the old building. Control all the access points so you know who goes in or out at all times. If any employees will work inside the building before destruction – such as to recover materials – place safety above all else.
Prepare For The Next Stages: Before you end up with a large pile of rubble, make sure you have already arranged for its removal and replacement. The demolition should be scheduled carefully with two additional elements: cleanup and construction. Your demolition contractor may provide extensive cleanup services, so it’s usually cost-effective to take advantage of these.

If not, schedule cleanup to begin as soon as it can safely be done.
Finally, work with your contractor to begin any reconstruction work as soon as possible. The longer a piece of income-producing property is vacant, the more money it costs the business. Certainly, a large-scale structural demolition will have a big impact on your business. But with proper planning, you can make the best of it, keep everyone safe, and keep your business functioning well. At W R Beach, Inc, our demolition experts will help you every step of the way. Call today to make an appointment.

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