Rescue excavator in river with working crane

Excavators are heavy construction equipment that are used for many tasks and functions including digging and material handling, mining, river dredging, construction, forestry, demolition, and any other jobs that require the digging and moving of soil and other types of materials.
Excavators are the workhouse of industry and one of the most common pieces of heavy equipment on construction sites around the globe. These machines are incredibly versatile and can be operated in many different types of environments ranging from the typical construction site, to environments that require the scaling of extremely steep slopes and hillsides.

Caterpillar 320D L excavator specs (2006 - 2014) | Diggers | LECTURA specs

Excavators are designed with either wheels or tracks that allow the machine to move across a job site. They are also constructed with a boom and stick assembly that can be affixed with many different types of attachments that can perform many tasks. Excavator attachments include buckets, shears for demolition, augers for drilling holes, hammer, rippers, and dredge pumps. Different types of couplers are also used for quickly switching attachments when the excavator is used for different tasks.

Crane or crane is a type of machinery used for lifting and lowering. The common feature of cranes is a mechanical system that combines the use of cables with a hoist system to hang the crane, and often uses a boom mechanism or a bridge girder or a gate frame to lift heavy objects for construction and assembly. Cranes that use conson girders to hang cables and objects and must have counterweights to overcome the overturning moment caused by the crane is called a boom. gantry cranes or cranes. Cranes that use simple girder structures running overhead to hang cables are called cranes or running bridges. The crane uses a gate-shaped frame structure to hang the cable hook of an object called a gantry crane. Cranes can not use the boom, bridge girders or gates are still collectively known as cranes, including crane helicopters…

Klingenberg/Montra - Hansebubeforum

Excavator accident in Hagen – rescue from the excavator in use. The chain excavator slipped into the water and lay on its side. Documentation of the recovery of the excavator involved in the accident using a recovery crane from the Lenne in Hagen

The ill-fated excavator had an accident in the river and needed help from the people around and the big crane. The end result requires additional support from another excavator before the excavator lying in the river can be pulled up. The rescue took a lot of work and support from many types of machines

The ill-fated excavator was finally rescued for a long time and caused a lot of loss in both money and effort.
In the video below, you can see Rescue excavator in river with working crane
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Video resource: Detlev Helmerich